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Rene Mitchell

Product Name :Humm Kombucha

Address (State) :Oregon

Address (city) :Bend

Address (Zip) :97701

Website :Humm Kombucha

Email Address :Humm Kombucha

Facebook Address :

Twitter Handle :

Instagram Address :

Proprietors :Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell

Product Line :Humm Kombucha

Where Available for Purchase :Retail, At Brewery/production Facility, On Tap, Farmers Market,

Connecting with consumers :On Site Tasting,Remote Tasting,Farmers Markets,Tours,Other,

Your story--share your singularity :Friends Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell founded Humm in Michelle’s kitchen in Bend, Oregon in 2009. Having experimented with homemade kombucha, Jamie and Michelle endeavored to brew a tea that would broaden the beverage's appeal – extending the refreshing and functional benefits of the beverage – to a broader population. With a core message of health, love and joy, the entrepreneurs set out to improve the world one bottle of kombucha at a time. Starting with small batches of kombucha, the two friends went door-to-door and immediately sold out their entire production. From the outset, they focused on a more approachable, less vinegary taste profile than the kombucha that was on the market at the time. A few short years later, Humm is found in all 50 states and now has national distribution in over 1,500 Target retailers. Flavors (in order of sales): Coconut Lime, Pomegranate Lemonade, Blueberry Mint, Lemon Ginger, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Passionfruit, Apple Cinnamon, Chai, Original. Seattle Seahawks exclusive flavor: Blue Wave.