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Raven Bivanco

Product Name :Wild Tonic

Address (State) :AZ

Address (city) :Cottonwood

Address (Zip) :86326

Website :Wild Tonic

Email Address :Wild Tonic

Facebook Address :

Twitter Handle :

Instagram Address :

Proprietors :

Product Line :Good Omen Bottling, LLC

Where Available for Purchase :Retail, On Tap, Farmers Market,

Connecting with consumers :Farmers Markets,

Your story--share your singularity :The Wild Tonic story begins with a painter and her growing curiosity surrounding an art form of a different sort—the art of fermentation. Inspired by the health benefits of fermented foods and beverages, her kitchen transformed into the studio where she began a new creative process. Soon thereafter, she discovered the ancient ferment known as Jun, a rare cousin of kombucha that naturally ferments with honey instead of sugar and is celebrated for its light effervescent flavor. Aware of the well-being it brought into her own life and amazed by its approachable taste, she knew that not only was Jun good for the body and soul, but that this deliciously refreshing drink could be enjoyed by everyone. From this realization grew the intention to share this mysterious ferment and all of its healthy attributes with the world. Thus, Wild Tonic was born.