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Benjamin Hollander

Product Name :Casper Kombucha

Address (State) :Texas

Address (city) :Austin

Address (Zip) :78702

Website :Casper Kombucha

Email Address :Casper Kombucha

Facebook Address :/casperfermentables

Twitter Handle :N/a

Instagram Address :@casperfermentables

Proprietors :Benjamin Hollander

Product Line :Casper Fermentables

Where Available for Purchase :Retail,

Connecting with consumers :On Site Tasting,

Your story--share your singularity :Ben Hollander learned to ferment from his Korean mother while growing up in Washington DC. He moved to Austin to study Engineering, and later Plant Biology at the University of Texas. While in college Ben started working at Freedmen’s, learning to cook Texas barbecue from Pitmaster Evan LeRoy (now of LeRoy and Lewis). Soon after he graduated with his degree in Microbiology, Ben went to Launderette to work for Chef Rene Ortiz. As he developed a greater understanding of flavors and passion for fermentation, Ben began selling his own fermented pickles, mustards, and vinegars at Austin’s HOPE Farmer’s Market. Today Ben is the founder of Casper Fermentables. He works directly with farmers to make kombucha, fermented vegetables, and vinegars. Ben also consults as the Fermentation Specialist at Juniper in East Austin. Casper Kombucha is crafted with Raw Black Tea from Nannuo Mountain in Yunnan, China. The mountainous regions of Yunnan are home to the oldest tea trees in the world; some are over 3,000 years old. Tea master, Li Shu Lin harvests leaves from the ancient tea trees and allows the green leaves to naturally oxidize into black tea. The tea is processed in small batches and locally fermented in Austin, producing a [bright, tart, pure] and heavily probiotic kombucha.