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Deanes Kombucha

Product Name :Deane's Kombucha

Address (State) :Minnesota

Address (city) :Minneapolis

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Website :Deane's Kombucha

Email Address :Deane's Kombucha

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Twitter Handle :@deaneskombucha

Instagram Address :deaneskombucha

Proprietors :Bryan Deane Bertsch

Product Line :Deane's Kombucha

Where Available for Purchase :Retail, On Tap,

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Your story--share your singularity :Bryan Deane Bertsch began his kombucha brewing adventures in 2006. As his love of brewing grew, so did his techniques. Beginning with a 2.5 gallon ceramic crock, he honed his skills. Moving on to a 5 gallon glass vessel led to great visuals of the kombucha fermentation process. Finally an oak barrel was purchased and the alchemy evolved. Flash forward a decade and we are still brewing in the traditional way; in small batches with the original well-cared for culture. Deane’s Kombucha is perhaps the only commercial kombucha brewed in oak barrels, fermented with whole, organic fruit, and in small batches. No short-cuts here. You’ll taste the difference, and more importantly you’ll feel the difference. Give it a try.