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Lenny Boy Kombucha

Product Name :Lenny Boy Kombucha

Address (State) :North Carolina

Address (city) :Charlotte

Address (Zip) :

Website :Lenny Boy Kombucha

Email Address :Lenny Boy Kombucha

Facebook Address :

Twitter Handle :@lennyboybrew

Instagram Address :lennyboybrewingco

Proprietors :Townes Mozer, John Watkins, and John Fennebresque

Product Line :Lenny Boy Kombucha

Where Available for Purchase : At Brewery/production Facility,

Connecting with consumers :Tours,

Your story--share your singularity :"Lenny Boy Brewing Co was founded in 2011, driven by an interest in a healthy lifestyle, a passion for fermentation, and an obsession with brewing. The company started off making a non-alcoholic, effervescent, pro-biotic, fermented beverage known as kombucha. Over the years, Lenny Boy has grown into a full-scale microbrewery, producing both kombucha and beer. Lenny Boy Brewing Co is a small, certified organic microbrewery, located in the Historic SouthEnd of Charlotte, at 3000 S. Tryon. In our 31,000 sq. ft. facility, we produce handcrafted, certified-organic beverages; making us the only certified organic brewery in North Carolina! We sold our first bottle of kombucha in December of 2011, gained our organic certification in 2012, and became a full-scale microbrewery in 2013. This year, we doubled our production space by acquiring the warehouse directly beside our current location. This extra warehouse space afforded us room for a bigger and more traditional beer brewing system. We ramped up production, established a taproom at the facility, and expanded our market reach within two markets: kombucha and craft beer. This market diversification has allowed various revenue streams, with each benefiting the other, by exposing customers to both fermented product lines. Our one-of-a-kind facility is open to the public Wednesday-Sunday. We welcome our patrons into our 2,300 square foot taproom, complete with 24 taps, all flowing with our organic variations of kombucha and beer.