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TAO Kombucha

Product Name :TAO Kombucha

Address (State) :Brazil

Address (city) :Porto Allegre

Address (Zip) :

Website :TAO Kombucha

Email Address :TAO Kombucha

Facebook Address :

Twitter Handle :

Instagram Address :@taokombucha

Proprietors :Raquel Abegg Leyva

Product Line :TAO Kombucha

Where Available for Purchase :Retail, At Brewery/production Facility, On Tap,

Connecting with consumers :Remote Testing,Farmers Markets,

Your story--share your singularity :"We are two sisters-partners, with a strong family influence of more awareness of healthy eating habits. Our passion for Kombucha began after a trip abroad where we had the opportunity to experience various types and brands of Kombucha. Searching and reporting we decided to follow the footsteps of our sister who lives in Australia and who was already been brewing Kombucha for several years. We begin to ferment and produce Kombucha in our kitchens, first for ourselves and than sharing with people from our social network, soon we became delivering bottles door-to-door and to friends, thereby continually increasing the number of passionate Kombucha. We decided to spread and share all the benefits that this wonderful drink offers not only the nearest, but to all who seek health, well-being and joy. Our Tao Kombucha is made with love, affection and care, so that it reaches you DELICIOUSLY.