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Gypsy Elixirs

Product Name :Gypsy Elixirs

Address (State) :Australia

Address (city) :Fremantle

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Product Line :Gypsy Elixirs

Where Available for Purchase :Retail, Farmers Market,

Connecting with consumers :Farmers Markets,

Your story--share your singularity :"GYPSY ELIXIRS WAS BORN FROM A LOVE FOR KOMBUCHA, HEALTH AND HERBS… Here at Gypsy Elixirs we create unique, hand-brewed kombucha infused with nature's highest quality medicinal herbs, plants & superfoods, designed to support health & vitality. We wanted to create a new generation of kombucha, different to anything else currently available on the local market. We were brewing kombucha and utilizing medicinal herbs and then we had a thought; why not combine the two? What we discovered is that the herbs and medicinals not only enhance the therapeutic qualities of this health tonic significantly, adding new levels of alchemy and potency, but also create a beautiful synergistic harmony of flavours. The result is a health tonic that packs a punch - delivering all the traditional benefits of kombucha alongside full strength, therapeutic grade medicinal herbs, together in one very unique set of elixirs. We hope you enjoy.