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Inspired Brews

Product Name :Inspired Brews

Address (State) :Pennsylvania

Address (city) :Philadelphia

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Website :Inspired Brews

Email Address :Inspired Brews

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Twitter Handle :@inspiredbrews

Instagram Address :@inspiredbrews

Proprietors :Jennifer Snow and Jessa Stevens

Product Line :Inspired Brews

Where Available for Purchase :Retail,

Connecting with consumers :On Site Testing,

Your story--share your singularity :"Our goal at Inspired Brews is to work within our communities to develop more thoughtful, engaged approaches to growing, buying, cooking, and ultimately enjoying our food. As a lawyer (Jennifer) and designer (Jessa), we find tangible relief from the abstract and commercial—from the temptation to disconnect and disengage—in gardening, in cooking, and in nourishing those we love. We have both prepared kombucha in our homes for some time, since a friend first shared the culture with us and we became enamored with its refreshing taste and feel. At first, we were satisfied with small batches and simple flavoring—orange juice, pineapple puree, and the like. Over time, we began brewing and drinking more and developing unique flavors that we love to share with our friends and families. We are excited to introduce our communities. We brew kombucha in glass barrels, using organic green and black teas and organic cane sugar. Once it is lightly carbonated and pleasantly tart, the kombucha is bottled for a second fermentation along with selected juices, herbs, and spices. The kombucha is then hand-filtered into kegs or individual bottles. We enjoy handcrafting our kombucha in small batches with unique and seasonal ingredients. Our aim is always to create distinct, high-quality, and healthful beverages that are intertwined with, and suited to, our communities."