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Kombucha Wonder Drink

Product Name :Kombucha Wonder Drink

Address (State) :Oregon

Address (city) :Portland

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Website :Kombucha Wonder Drink

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Proprietors :Stephen Lee, Paula Phillips

Product Line :Kombucha Wonder Drink

Where Available for Purchase : Farmers Market,

Connecting with consumers :Remote Testing,

Your story--share your singularity :"Stephen Lee, co-founder of Stash Tea and Tazo, founded Kombucha Wonder Drink in 2001 after discovering kombucha and all its benefits while traveling through Russia in the 1990s. As a lifelong student of tea, Steve brings an exacting focus for excellence to our products, and it results in delicious kombucha. Our raw line consists of three flavors, in 11 oz glass bottles. These are very low in sugar, 2 grams per bottle serving, with very light, bright flavors. The flavors are inspired by the countries of Japan, India, and Tibet, so we use ingredients such as matcha, green tea, ginger, cardamom, miso, blackberry, goji berry, schizandra, etc. These beverages are full of probiotics, enzymes, beneficial acids and antioxidants. Shelf life is 5 months. Requires refrigeration. We also have a shelf-stable line, which comes in two packaging options: 8.4 oz single serving cans, and 14 oz glass bottles, containing two servings. Our cans come in five delicious flavors, and eight in the bottles. While these are best served chilled, they are safe to ship and store unrefrigerated. Being shelf-stable means no worries about spiking alcohol levels – making it safe for children, pregnant women, and others wishing to avoid alcohol. These contain all of the healthy enzymes, beneficial acids and antioxidants that the raw line has, which we consider PREbiotics. Very healing to the gut and supportive to so many systems in the body, such as the immune system and detoxification. Shelf life is 18 months.