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Holy Kombucha

Product Name :Holy Kombucha

Address (State) :Texas

Address (city) :Dallas

Address (Zip) :

Website :Holy Kombucha

Email Address :Holy Kombucha

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Proprietors :Theresa Pham & Leo Bienati

Product Line :Holy Kombucha

Where Available for Purchase :Retail,

Connecting with consumers :On Site Testing,

Your story--share your singularity :Started at farmers market in DFW in 2011 out of passion of making homebrewed kombucha, we quickly grew into restaurant scene on tap and then into the groceries with bottles when consumers were clamoring for our brew whether eating out at restaurant eateries or at work. As we grew quickly we knew that we didn't want to just produce a beverage we wanted a beverage that embodies our vision and our mission as a company. At Holy Kombucha we envision our consumers embody our mission to not only "Drink Well.", but also to "Do Better.", whether it be drinking a bottle for their own good and/or doing better somehow.