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Dr. Hops Kombucha Beer

Product Name :Dr. Hops Kombucha Beer

Address (State) :California

Address (city) :Oakland

Address (Zip) :

Website :Dr. Hops Kombucha Beer

Email Address :Dr. Hops Kombucha Beer

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Twitter Handle :@DrHopsKB

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Proprietors :Joshua Rood & Thomas Weaver

Product Line :Dr. Hops Kombucha Beer

Where Available for Purchase : At Brewery/production Facility,

Connecting with consumers :Remote Testing,

Your story--share your singularity :Founders Joshua & Tommy met at a community yoga event in Berkeley, California. Their mutual commitment to love, health, creativity and fun soon led to an interesting question; How good could a kombucha beer be? With a vision for the future and a joie de vivre they set out together to find out. The parameters were simple, fitting easily onto the post-it note Joshua sent Tommy as a challenge: gluten-free, probiotic, 8-10% alcohol, amazing taste. While fermentation-crazed Tommy got down to brewing, Joshua got to work creating the brand. Soon they had a prototype, a name and an LLC, and lept into action with a kickstarter. Now they are putting all the pieces in place to get their first commercial batch out this year. Named after Joshua's wife's gorgeous lion head rabbit, Dr Hops Kombucha Beer is forever and always vegan, grain-free, probiotic, and made from the very best ingredients on earth: as local as possible, organic when available, chosen for their quality and the conscientiousness of their production. It will soon be available in both 12oz and 22oz glass bottles, as well as by keg. Ask your local retailer to stock it! The first available product will be The Velveteen Rabbit, a beautifully red explosion of fresh raspberry, fiery ginger, subtle spices, and the finest aromatic american hops. Look for this at Northern California retailers by the end of 2016. Additional brews will follow, including The Jackalope and The White Rabbit. Please feel free to contact Joshua and Tommy if you would like to assist them in their quest.