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Flower of Life

Product Name :Equinox Kombucha

Address (State) :England

Address (city) :Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Address (Zip) :

Website :Equinox Kombucha

Email Address :Equinox Kombucha

Facebook Address

Twitter Handle :@EquinoxKombucha

Instagram Address :@equinoxkombucha

Proprietors :Chris Peters, Director

Product Line :Flower of Life

Where Available for Purchase : Online,

Connecting with consumers :Remote Testing,

Your story--share your singularity :From humble beginnings selling homemade bottles at local farmers markets, Equinox Kombucha is now the UK market leader and is distributed to over 500 health food stores, cafes and bars across Britain in addition to online sales. Equinox is raw, lightly carbonated and unpasteurised and has a 10-month shelf life. It doesn’t require refrigerated transportation, which is why it’s also flying off the shelves in seven other countries across Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Ideal for barbecues, picnics, summer festivals and more, Kombucha Equinox comes in four delectable flavours, each representing the key elements in traditional Chinese medicine: Earth, an original blend of tea, sugar, and organic kombucha cultures.