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3Cross Brewing Company

Product Name :KrafTea Komucha

Address (State) :Worcester

Address (city) :Massachusetts

Address (Zip) :

Website :KrafTea Komucha

Email Address :KrafTea Komucha

Facebook Address

Twitter Handle :KrafTea Matt@KrafTeaKombucha

Instagram Address :

Proprietors :Matthew J Glidden, Dave Howland

Product Line :3Cross Brewing Company

Where Available for Purchase :Retail, At Brewery/production Facility, On Tap,

Connecting with consumers :

Your story--share your singularity :In the summer of 2015 Dave Howland of the 3cross brewery decided to take a chance and allow me to start brewing my kombucha at his brewery on a commercial scale. Early flavors were whatever we had on hand; Concord grape, rhubarb, hibiscus, sage, etc. The focus has always been on creating a quality product with the best ingredients we can find and continuously experimenting with flavors. As we continue to grow and expand into different markets around the area, I meet personally and regularly with everyone who sells my product. I have no desire to be a national brand or seek distribution beyond what I can do myself. We may never be big but we will always be innovative, we will always be KrafTea, and we will always be 'Worcester's Local Culture'