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Product Name :Fermentation Farm Kombucha

Address (State) :California

Address (city) :Costa Mesa

Address (Zip) :92627

Website :Fermentation Farm Kombucha

Email Address :Fermentation Farm Kombucha

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Proprietors :Dr. Yasmine Mason

Product Line :Fermentation Farm

Where Available for Purchase : At Brewery/production Facility,

Connecting with consumers :On Site Tasting,Remote Tasting,

Your story--share your singularity :Founded in 2014 through the fundamental belief that a “Healthy Gut = Strong Immune System,” Fermentation Farm is a community of people that cares deeply about reconnecting with handcrafted, traditional foods that are dense in nutrients. Specializing in probiotic-rich and restorative foods that also contain B vitamins, electrolytes, collagen, and minerals that are necessary for proper gut and immune system and overall body wellness, Fermentation Farm serves the general public with the aim to heal. What makes us unique and different compared to other kombucha brands is that we use a small-batch homebrew style of fermenting our kombucha in glass jugs with high quality, organic ingredients. Our reverse osmosis, mineral-rich water contributes to our refreshing taste and signature effervescence that sets it apart from other kombuchas on the shelves. Our kombucha is flavored with fresh, local ingredients like organic raspberries, organic mangoes, and even organic passionfruits and guavas when those are in season at our local farmers market. We are often told that our kombucha stands out above the rest because of it's crisp taste and simple yet distinct flavors. We are known for making a kombucha that the entirely family can drink and enjoy, regardless of how experienced they are at drinking this mystical beverage. Three of our favorites are our Mango Kombucha, Raspberry Kombucha, and Black Currant Kombucha. Our Mango Kombucha is flavored with organic mangoes and organic mango nectar which give it a refreshing island flavor and beautiful yellow-ish gold color. Our Mango Kombucha is definitely the most refreshing on a hot summer day. Our Raspberry Kombucha is flavored with fresh organic raspberries which displays a beautiful red raspberry coloring with delicate raspberry notes. Our Black Currant Kombucha is flavored with organic black currant juice giving it a distinct dark coloring and a tartness that is perfectly balanced with the crispness of the kombucha. An amazing non-alcoholic alternative to red wine!