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The core mission of Kombucha Network is to provide a comprehensive, inclusive directory of brewers showcasing their individual styles and efforts. We intend to build a community that bonds consumers with kombucha brewers by shining a spotlight on the artisans behind this growing movement supporting healthy lifestyles.

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    "It’s been about seven years since we became vegans and learned about the power of kombucha..." Read our story and learn more about how our journey began!

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    We intend to build a community that bonds consumers with kombucha brewers! Check out our Kombucha Network to help you find a brewer near you!

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    "A recent story in Tablet Magazine touched a nerve as we embark on a journey of discovery..." Stay up-to-date with us on our adventures!

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News Roundup for April 24, 2018

Good news for the kombucha industry—it’s a hit with millennials. ...

An Earth Day Special: Creative Reuses for Scobys

When brewing kombucha, there are many beneficial byproducts. A healthy, ...

The Art of Pairing Kombucha with Food

Let’s start out with me clarifying that I am a ...

Kombucha For the Garden

As we again struggle with our veggie garden, it's good ...

News Roundup for April 12, 2018

Newton’s Law of kombucha states that, for every five people ...

Seattle’s CommuniTea Sticks With Tradition

CommuniTea Kombucha is located in a vintage, red brick building ...


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