About Us

A Brief History

It’s been about seven years since we became vegans and learned about the power of kombucha and its role in bringing more alkalinity to your diet. When we launched Kombucha Network in 2017, our intention was to share our knowledge of the fermented beverage to the uninitiated and reinforce and further the exploration of kombucha to its fans.

In the past 18 months, we have been on a global journey to up our fermentation game. To that end, we have sampled kombucha and visited brewers from across the U.S. as well as from Poland, Germany and Peru. As we relaunch Kombucha Network, our aim is to not only tap into the global passion for this probiotic wonder, but to continue our mission of being the leading source for all things kombucha.

Allen Weiner Co-founder

I am a former technology analyst, newspaper reporter/columnist and media personality currently doing freelance work for a number of digital news sites. I have been interested in healthy eating (not a foodie) since I was a teen when I would prepare dinner for my working parents. I have been a restaurant critic, food writer and food-tech reporter with a deep curiosity about the future of food as well as ending hunger and eliminating waste. I drink a lot of kombucha--some we brew, some we buy.

Kathy Weiner Co-founder

Kathy has a lifelong passion for helping people becoming healthier, which led her to a career in healthcare administration. She supplemented that personal mission by teaching water exercise, volunteering at local food charities, sharing herbal medicine tips and becoming a vegan chef. She is a recent graduate of the Natural Epicurean Plant-Based Culinary School in Austin, TX and loves evangelizing the benefits of vegan cuisine with others. Along with that training, she continues to expand her interest in kombucha and fermentation through constant experimentation. A deep commitment to sustainability and environmental issues adds to her love for organic food and trial and error as an organic gardener. She has three sourdough starters in the fridge at all times and loves to play with the sourdough, while trying new recipes on her favorite test market--Allen.